Getting your hair cut should be more than just another appointment on your calendar. It should be a break in your day, an experience you look forward to enjoying. If you’re looking for attention to detail, look no further! The Barber Lounge Toledo is ready to serve you!

Hair Treatments

Barber Lounge Full Service $60.00

The Barber Lounge signature service that is an all-inclusive experience. Includes a precision cut, facial hair trim, ear hair trim, nose hair trim, and eyebrow trim. In addition, enjoy a stimulating shampoo, conditioner, and scalp massage with the grand finale of a luxurious hot towel treatment with essential oil. With a complimentary 2-Week shape up to keep your neckline crisp, you will feel like a new man!

Cut and Color $60.00

Top off our classic, gentleman’s cut with our color service to blend away grays while leaving your hair looking richer, deeper and irresistible. Includes ear hair trim, nose hair trim, eyebrow trim, shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage,and our signature hot towel treatment with essential oil.

Men’s Cut $35.00

The classic, gentleman’s haircut. Trained stylists, intent on providing you with the absolute best experience around, will consult with you to create the exact style you are looking for. Includes ear hair trim, nose hair trim, eyebrow trim, shampoo, conditioner, and scalp massage. Topped off with our signature hot towel treatment with essential oil.

BOY’S CUT $25.00

We love to treat young gentleman 10 years of age or under with a true, gentlemen’s haircut experience, just like dad. Whether it is a first-time haircut or fresh cut for school pictures, we help keep him looking sharp with a haircut tailored just for him.

Head Shave (Electric Shave) $25.00

For our gentleman who sport the clean shaved look. Includes scalp wash with a daily cleanser, our signature hot towel with essential oil to prep, electric shave, a post-service hot towel, and moisturizing lotion for soft, smooth skin.

SHAPE UP $15.00

The essential, quick service to help keep your gentleman’s cut looking fresh throughout the month. Keep the neckline clean and stray hairs at bay with our shape up service.

Grey Blend $25.00

For gentlemen who want to quickly blend grays or lighten their hair, enjoy our 10-minute color treatment to keep your color rich, deeper, and irresistible.

Men’s Balayage $45

Wanting to accentuate your natural color? Highlights and low lights can add dimension and help your style standout. This service can be added to a haircut or stand alone with a fresh wash and style to have you ready for your day.

Color Change $50

Switch up your natural color with something new! This service is for the gentlemen wanting to try a new color to compliment you personal style. We will top it off with a wash and style to have your feeling great.

Shave Treatments

Beard Overhaul $ 30.00

Do you have a longer beard that you want shaped up? The beard overhaul service is right for you. You’ll receive a beard wash and conditioner, shaping for your beard, and precision detailing to make your beard look tip top. We’ll end the service with a hot towel treatment and beard balm.

Hot Shave $25.00

A classic, shave experience to keep your skin smooth. Includes preparation with a beard lotion to soften hairs, electric shave, and our signature hot towel treatment with essential oil.

Beard Trim $15.00

The essential shape up treatment for short facial hair! Enjoy a trim for your beard hair to keep your look fresh in between appointments.

Skin Care Treatments

Facial $45.00

A refreshing, experience to keep your skin smooth and soft. Includes a preparatory hot towel, followed by a face massage with a daily cleanser, exfoliation, our signature hot towel with essential oil, and moisturizer application to finish.


Presidential Shoe Shine

Keep your shoes looking brand new! This service can be done while you get your hair service or you can drop off your shoes at your convenience to be picked up. First, shoes are superficially cleaned with a damp cloth. They are then carefully polished with a cream based polish prior to being buffed with a boar bristle brush. Finally, a wax based polish is applied and then buffed off, giving a shoes either a matte or shiny finish.

Private Event

Wanting to bring our staff to you for private grooming? Call us at 419-450-7915!

Groom’s Day $200/hour

Today is your day and an opportunity to honor your guys who have stood by you in your journey. Treat them to any service on our menu.

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